August 16, 2022

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SEO web design is the art of creating websites that are accessible and indexable by search engines and easier for visitors to navigate. 

Why is that important?

An SEO-friendly web design usually gets more traffic and conversions than websites that ignore it.

Here are our four tips for an SEO friendly web design:

  1. Have a fully indexable website

It’s vital that Google and other search engines can crawl and index your web pages. To check a web page, you can use your Google Search Console, copy your link and paste it in the section above where it says “inspect any URL.” Here you can see any errors that need to be fixed.

  1. Use a simple website architecture 

Website architecture is how all of your web pages are linked together. It needs to be simple so search engines and visitors can easily navigate and find web pages. Your website needs to be flat, and no pages need to be deeper than three clicks away from the homepage.

  1. Create high-quality and unique content 

This is essential for your website’s success. Visitors want interesting and engaging content, and search engines want to see web pages with high engagement levels to rank that same page higher. Also, search engines don’t like duplicate content, and if they find a lot of it, they will penalise you, and you will lose traffic because of that. Use canonical tags!

  1. Have a clear and neat URL structure – is a very poor example of a URL structure. Why? Because it confuses both search engines and visitors. You can’t tell what the web page is about, and guessing isn’t fun. Confusion leads to a bad user experience and, in the end, poor rankings. Your URLs should look like this: – just looking at the URL, you know what the web page is about.

I hope these tips will serve you well.

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