Heist: Bitcheon Castle

A new replace Heist is a weekly occasion that lasts for 1 hour from10 P.M. till eleven P.M (nearby server time) each Friday. The heist is truly like an average MMORPG sport World Boss Hunt blended with protecting the Castle PVP content.

This occasion is a cross-server occasion. It way each local and day trip (out of doors server) gamers can “Heist” or thieve DarkSteel from Clans maintaining a Bicheon Castle. Higher Power Scores servers would possibly raid servers with rather low energy ratings which is probably a part of the method in deciding on wherein to raid.

There may be 2 aspects withinside the occasion, 1) Defenders, the ruling Bicheon Castle holder, and 2) the Heisters, the invading Native or Expedition Clans.

The “Heisters” can most effective be from the Top 20 Native Clan and Top Expedition 20 Clans. For clarity, Native and Expedition Clan scores are extraordinary from every different and the rating begins offevolved from non-allies of the Bicheon Castle Holder.

On the opposite hand, the defenders will shield the citadel which incorporates allied clans each in local server and day trip mode.The Heist occasion can most effective accommodate four hundred gamers, Heisters. As for the Bicheon Castle holder, there may be no limit, and now no longer tormented by this participant cap. However, allied clans of the citadel holder will ought to queue just like the Heisters.

Once the boss is defeated, a hefty praise awaits folks who can open the Darksteel container rewards. The quantity in every container will nevertheless be deducted and gamers will best get 70% of its content.

Amazing Dark Steel Box – 7.500 Million Darksteel

Legendary Dark Steel Box – 2.250 Million Darksteel

Interesting Dark Steel Box – 0.750 Million Darksteel

Note: It isn’t always clean if every container will incorporate Darksteel or if those are the most praise in every container. Boxes can also incorporate Legendary Treasure Pieces, Mystic Stones, Darkened stones, etc.

The overall quantity of stolen DarkSteel receives deducted from the Bicheon Castle Holder`s Darksteel Bank. To keep away from this, defenders can nevertheless combat again with the useful resource of “Anti-Heister” gadgets on the cost of extended family resources. These gadgets may be destroyed however respawn each 10mins.

Shop Quality of Life Updates + Wooska

Multiple gadgets can now be looked at straight away for decided on products.

A new function Summon `one hundred+10` is added. This lets in gamers with as a minimum one hundred tickets to apply this feature even as people with much less than one hundred summon tickets cannot.

Legendary Spirit `Dark Crown Prince Wooska` enters MIR4 and is now to be had completely in Legendary Spirit Summon.

Expedition Updates

The lately launched function receives an replace with the “Expedition Mission” content.

Missions from the Expedition Tab can best be commonplace while gamers are in Expedition.

Wayfarer Travel

Tickets used for Wayfarer journey reduced for Changing Continents and Changing Regions even as Changing Worlds price price tag expenses nevertheless continue to be the same. Players can now go to different servers greater regularly for a decrease cost.

Continents Travel – from three tickets to two tickets.

Region Travel – from 2 tickets to at least one price price tag.

World Travel – remains at 1 price price tag.

Hidden Valley Restrictions

Players with a “Bad” Alignment repute aren’t allowed in Hidden Valley anymore.

Tip: Killing monsters inside five ranges of the player`s stage clears horrific repute / crimson repute.

OTHER NEWS: All Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon

While NFT Games are surprisingly controversial, MIR4 attempts to carry greater pleasure to the sport and interact a greater aggressive and amusing surroundings for gamers. If you’ve got got any questions otherwise you experience that we ignored something, please experience loose to allow us to recognise withinside the remarks below.